Parents Association

Parents as Partners

The mission of the Parents Association (PA) of The School at Columbia University (TSC) is to build a sense of community among families, teachers and staff through thoughtful programming, by acting as a voice for families, and by providing support for TSC in achieving its educational goals.

Get Involved
All parents and guardians, teachers and staff are members of the Parents Association at The School at Columbia University. There are no dues and no membership requirements. Everyone has a valuable contribution to make to our school culture and community. Please join us!

Be a Class Parent
Class parents connect teachers, families and the PA. They organize class-wide potlucks, picnics and bake sales, as well as coordinate teacher appreciation.
Attend PA Events!
Throughout the year, the PA and its group host an array of fun and informative events for the whole family, including movie nights, game nights, cultural events and more. These events are open to the entire TSC community. See the PA’s calendar below for more information.

The PA relies on volunteers to set up and staff all events during the school year, from small gatherings such as weekly meetings, to large events like the Rock the Block! Our events would not be possible without your help. Please stay tuned for volunteer signup opportunities throughout the year, and join us, whenever and however you can!

Let us know how you’d like to be involved!

2017-18 Executive Board

President | Taniqua Hutson
President-Elect | Lida Rubenstein
Vice President of Operations | Mia Borrelli
Treasurer | Connor Gaffney
Communications Representative | Sasha Bonet
Primary Division (K-2) Representatives | Jorgelina Sabez & John Gibson
Intermediate Division Representatives | Sarah Cole & Lila Davachi
Middle Division Representative | Inetha Smith
Members-at-Large I | Cynthia Bowman & Jens Ulff
Members-at-Large II | Carolina Guerrero & Valerie Purdie-Vaughns

Parents Association Groups

Casa Latina celebrates Latin culture and Spanish language | Contact Lida Rubenstein, Diana Cordero, Marta Kohn

Kaleidoscope promotes, advances and fosters awareness of cultural diversity in our school community | Contact Lida Rubenstein, Kathy Leichter

Minds of Many Kinds is a support group for parents of children with learning differences and challenges. The group provides a supportive environment where parents can discuss their experiences as well as exchange helpful information with each other. | Contact Krystle Rodriguez

Wellness | Contact Marta Kohn, Gita Johar

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