The School at Columbia University recruits professionals to join our dynamic community and contribute to the core values of our educational mission.

The School at Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer -- Race/Gender/Disability/Veterans. It is committed to a workforce of faculty and staff that reflects the diversity and talent of New York City, the larger metropolitan area, and the nation. It is also committed to a working and learning environment supportive of its faculty and staff in their pursuit of productive and fulfilling professional and personal lives. 

Application for positions is conducted via Columbia University's application site for academic positions (RAPS, the Recruitment of Academic Personnel System) or the application site for administrative positions (JAC, Jobs at Columbia).

The following positions are currently open at The School at Columbia University:

Teacher opportunities:
Staff opportunities:
Director of Facilities & Operations
Technology Support Specialist
Recess and After School Enrichment Facilitator
The School at Columbia University believes that school and all of its associated activities are created to educate and that all students have the right to learn in a safe, creative environment. The priority of our school is to teach students how to be successful and integral members of their community as well as become lifelong learners. Athletics is one way in which students can expand their knowledge. The Athletics program is an extension of The School at Columbia University’s academic vision. Athletics is a privilege afforded to students as a way to expand their knowledge and skills. The Athletics program is designed to provide students with an additional way to learn, practice, and demonstrate skills. Through skill practice and games, student athletes will learn about competition, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Though not focused solely on competition, The School at Columbia University’s Athletics program allows student athletes to be able to experience competition in a safe and healthy environment. Student athletes learn how to balance hard work, skill improvement, and competition both on and off the field.  They will have the opportunity to learn alongside fellow students and with
coaches who share the same love of sport and movement and want to share the
experience with one another.
To be considered for any of these positions, send a letter of interest and resume via email to Frank Colantuonofcolantuono@theschool.columbia.edu
Please make sure to put the coaching position you are applying to in the subject of the email.

Psychology Doctoral Training Program

The School at Columbia University offers a doctoral psychology training program for eligible doctoral candidates in school and clinical psychology programs. The psychology training program is a full-time, 40-45 hour per week, 10-month position, and is one of only a few programs to receive APA accreditation. The program begins in late August and ends in late June. Trainees complete a minimum of 1750 supervised hours. There will be three full-time trainees for the 2018-19 school year. This program is designed to provide a planned, programmed sequence of training experiences with a primary focus on assuring both breadth and quality of training. The program provides training in a broad range of psychological assessment and intervention activities. Under supervision, trainees provide direct psychological services to a diverse group of students, parents, and school personnel. Trainees receive at least two hours of individual supervision per week from licensed staff psychologists and at least two hours of additional didactic experiences, including group supervision and training seminars. The program places emphasis on providing opportunities to learn about cultural and individual diversity as they relate to the practice of psychology, and is committed to attracting diverse applicants to the program.
For additional information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Marek at 212-851-2711 or emarek@theschool.columbia.edu.

Click here to read more about the program's accreditation. 

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